Manufacturer warranty condition

Provision for warranty service and post-service.

  • 1. Warranty coverage

  • ▪ During the warranty period supplier shall undertake to prevent any resulting defects and replace defective parts due to equipment manufacturer's fault. Supplier technicians arrive no later than 24 hours after receiving the call and take rectifying actions matching the time limit with custumer.
    ▪ In case of defect or equipment defect is not averting, equipment is sent to repair, and replaced with the same or equivalent product for repair time.
    ▪ Warranty time of repair is from 3 to 4 weeks.
    ▪ Warranty obligations are free of charge.
    ▪ Delivery time of replacement parts is no longer than 5 (five) days from the Customer's application date.
    ▪ Customer sends application about occurred defects with following information in it:
    -date and time of the submission of application;
    -contact person’s phone and fax number;
    -identify information about defective equipment (designation of equipment and serial number);
    -character of established defect.
    Please send applications by fax: 75554674 or call: 7541439.

  • 2. After-warranty service

  • ▪ After-warranty services can be agreed after the technical service agreement has been signed.
    ▪ Customer has the right to choose other post-service provider and can choose not to sign the service contracts with supplier.
    ▪ All costs associated with after-warranty maintenance is covered by a separate agreement.
    ▪ Supply of spare parts after-warranty time (if the after-warranty contract has been signed)is not more than five (5) weeks from the Customer's application date.

  • 3. Warranty limitations

  • ▪ Supplier's warranty does not cover defects caused by incorrect use of equipment or if the repair has been assigned to other persons without the consent of the supplier.

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